• Big Discs Little Discs 10

    Right: no messing about – it’s Christmas party season and all we want to do is drink and dance, and not think about small children’s present demands. So Joe has gone to town and rounded up the finest dancing music available. Here are his usual five stone cold classic tunes,[…]

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  • Big Discs Little Discs 9

    A nice bit of light and dark for you this week, as a man-flu-riddled Joe Muggs picks some heavyweight club bangers and some wafty spiritual niceness for your delectation. UK funky, Manchester ghetto house with a bit of Dusty, Portuguese crate-digging, synthesiser space-voyaging, a bassbin flashback, vinyl records, streams, mixes,[…]

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  • Big Discs Little Discs 8

    There are some absolutely dazzling records in the recommendations from Joe Muggs this week, people. This time round, there’s a face-meltingly great album from a sometime BFLF DJ, a cool-as-ice selection from an underground favourite, vintage reggae from the great outdoors, disco with junk in its trunk, and a good[…]

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  • Big Discs Little Discs 7

    It’s that time again. Whether you’re a semi-retired raver who buys two records a year, an unrepentant wax fiend or a casual streamer, there’s something for you here in Joe Muggs’s weekly recommendation station. French-Jamaican dancehall-dub via Brooklyn, Japanese ambience that’s 35 years old but sounds as fresh as the[…]

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  • Big Discs Little Discs (And Downloads Etc) 4

    We were slighly concerned for BFLF resident Joe Muggs, as he left practically no gap between three days with Sheffield’s finest at No Bounds Festival and heading off for five days shmoozing at Amsterdam Dance Event. But he’s managed to come up with another five new recommendations for you –[…]

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  • Big Discs Little Discs (And Downloads Etc) 3

    You know the drill now. Every Thursday regular BFLF DJ (he’s playing for us at Wahaca’s Day Of The Dead festival next month) and music journalist Joe Muggs recommends five new records available to buy that are worthy of your listening time. Whether you’re a fanatical collector or a casual[…]

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  • Big Discs Little Discs (And Downloads Etc)

    Welcome to our new weekly record reviews column! As BFLF regulars will know, though we’re old ravers through and through, we’re very much not just about reliving glory days. Everyone involved in the BFLF organisation is a music nut with deep and diverse tastes, and we try and reflect that[…]

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  • Check out our new video!

    If you’ve never been to one of our events before then our new video gives you bit of a taster as to what to expect from our parties. Raves for families. By families. Since 2013. Find an event near you on the Events Page – see you on the dance[…]

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